Facility Bookings

All of the ice and room bookings at the Kinsmen Twin Arenas are done through the City of Edmonton. Please visit the following site for rental information and rates.

City Of Edmonton Facility Bookings

 Kinsmen Arena features:

  •  2 NHL sized rinks (85' x 200')

  • safety netting protecting the viewing areas

  • summer ice capabilities.

  • 1 gender neutral quick change area

Arena A

  • Seating for 360 spectators

  • 3 large dressing rooms

  • 1 extra large wheelchair accessible dressing room

Arena B

  • Seating for 260 spectators

  • 4 large dressing rooms

Meeting Room

  • Size: 270.6 square feet

  • Capacity: 20 people

For current meeting room rates please reference the City of Edmonton Room Rental Site.

Hours of Operation:

Generally everyday from:


Times may vary based on arena bookings.